Alastor Vigil, Captain Wildcard

Player Information

I am in my early twenties, single with few responsibilities. I am a very schedule oriented person though and I stay busy. I live on the east coast of the United States. I don't really make a habit of playing past midnight my time, though. I used to when I was a teenager but I wake up pretty early in the morning nowadays. I have been playing MUDs since I was thirteen and MUSHs since maybe fourteen or fifteen. I have also played on several play-by-post games most notably Aelyria (known as Alleria at the time) where I was an Assistant Game Master for a time.

Character Biography

Alastor is near 400 years old and hails from Minos. He is the storm-blooded son of the Sea Queen Cadence Vigil, Captain Darkhorse of Manzanil, a strong-willed fighter and privateer. A Captain in his own right, Alastor hasn't built up that much of a widespread reputation himself. Those that run in his circles might have heard some things on him but depending on who's doing the telling their impression could be quite varied.


Alastor is a fresh amnesia case and I haven't established a whole lot of a background for him yet. If you have ideas or proposals I'm open to them. Alastor is unscrupulous, vivacious and untrustworthy. These things are natural to him but since the amnesia he's a touch too vulnerable to be wily or treacherous. Your only saving throw when dealing with Alastor is that he enjoys being entertained. According to my concept the archetype most applicable would be the Lovable Traitor.

I welcome ideas for background tie-ins. I am flexible in regards to Alastor's (un)trustworthiness in case you have an idea but are afraid Alastor might spoil it.

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