Prince Caine of Amber

Character Application (Accepted Feb 4, 2008)

Caine is a very mercenary plotter who works mostly in the background. His own way of protecting Amber is to watch the dark shadows where things begin, and moving to do something preemptive about it before it gets too far, either by directing the threat in a new direction or eliminating it entirely. He also takes it upon himself to do the nasty things that are, alas, necessary, when his siblings may not go so far. The ends always justify the means. Often, his perception of threat is based on his own opinion and how he deals with it also entirely subjective, but it's anyone's guess how many plots and plans Caine has stopped before anyone thought to worry. Regardless of his methods, Caine believes this constant vigilance is vital to the protection of Amber and the preservation of the monarchist status quo.

While hardly anti-social, Caine deals with people as potential tools and walking benefit packages to himself and his aims. Quietly dashing and inscrutable, he sees most personal interaction as social warfare, and as he smiles and makes small talk, the Prince is listening, watching and gathering information. He may have a small handful of trusted insiders, as he strongly values intelligence and capability in people. However, assuming that being Caine's friend means he has your best interests in mind would be a grave error.

Despite his work behind the scenes, Caine makes a point to be seen as it suits, for he cannot be effective in a vacuum. His interaction with people is deceptively outgoing, and his talk directed and purposeful. His public affairs, from which causes he supports to the women he dates have some purpose, and when that purpose is finished, the grateful party may find their benefactor looking the other way.

Roleplay Logs

I log and take notes pretty extensively, but rarely post logs. I've found that OOCly not revealing what goes on has served me very well in playing a character whose core nature is covert and deceptive; people form their opinions based on what they see in RP and run with it. This is not to say that I believe people abuse OOC info. I think it does influence what they do in play, and knowing just what is going on spoils some of the suspense. However, my game postings are on my character Livejournal here.

Props: Amber Crime, Golden Circle Crime, Amber Navy
Trouble Rating: I love trouble. Feel free to start it and I'll just roll with it.
Char LJ:
Timezone: Eastern Time

Amber Underworld (+prop 48)

  • Character Hooks: crime, underworld, broker, enforcer, crime boss, smuggler, pirate, arms dealer, drug smuggler

As in any old world, the Golden City has a rude and illegal underbelly of criminals, black market, secret deals in the shadows, and the like. Amber's contains all such things. Ruled by three large crime families in a delicate balance of truces and the covert hand of Caine, they act in their own interests, for or sometimes against Amber. See the linked title of this section to go to the wiki page detailing Amber crime.

The Golden Circle Cartel (+prop 49)

  • Character Hooks: crime, GC underworld, smugglers, drug dealers, slave traders, pirates, GC shadows

Coming soon.

Montevalno and the Black Collegia

  • Character Hooks: covert, training, assassination, school, espionage, spies, the unseen

Coming soon.

The Southern Fleet of the Royal Amber Navy (+prop 123)

  • Character Hooks: navy, sea, sailing, sea fighting, navigation

Coming soon.

House of Caine

  • Character Hooks: I'm game for all kinds, though Caine tends to take a direct hand in forming his children's minds and education. Characters who are idealistic and super nice, fluffy things will have problems. They may be interesting problems, but problems nonetheless. However, Caine is not a nice person and can be very abrupt and cruel, so if you do not like conflict play, you may want to look at other Elders for parentage.

The children of Caine are… kind of legion. Here is a listing with links to their LJ journals or webpages, as available. Any who are extremely inactive aren't listed, sorry:

Personal Shadow: A City Dying

  • Character Hooks: vampires, undead, Sin City, Blade, unending night, motorcycles, being awesome in black leather

Coming soon.

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