Eamonn, Commodore of Antika

Antika is strategically situated which is why Amber's Minos Flotilla was stationed off the coast of the island. It is also, arguably, the reason that Antika was known for providing the majority of the fighting men aboard the ships of the combined Fleet that was led by Captain Discordia before it was disbanded.

One thing no one ever argues about is the military prowess of Eamonn, the undisputed ruler of Antika. He began his career as a cabin boy and worked his way up to Captain then Commodore. He is as ruthless in battle as he is in business and his large family makes it known that the Commodore is protected from all sides. Eamonn's ship, The Heartbreaker (pictured on the left), is one of the vessels that made both Rebmans and Kitezhka wary of direct confrontation with the Minosians.

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