Cyrus of Chantris

Captain Stormcrow

Cyrus is the second son of Duke Parris of House Chantris (Amber's shipbuilders) and he is in charge of Chantris's merchant fleet. There is a great deal of debate as to whether the ships from Minos or Chantris are better but Cyrus prefers to stay out of it. He served in the Amber navy and was stationed off the coast of Antika for a while.

Cyrus was not born in Minos but he has spent more time there than some natives. A little over ten years of that time was spent (off and on) in the company of Captain Discordia. About fifty years ago, it looked like the off switch had been permanently flipped. They seem to be married now. Go figure.

He also has a long-running rivalry/friendship/one-upsmanship contest with Captain Peril. It's a guy thing.

Rumors that Cyrus runs an extensive and lucrative smuggling operation throughout the Golden Circle are scurrilous. And true.

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