Minos is a realm of sea merchants and pirates …and lost treasure to hunt. Below are a few examples of the legends people chase in a desire to become rich:

The Thanatos Cache

While there have been many fine master arms makers in the long history of Minos, there's one in recent memory who was considered a virtuoso of the craft. A weapon from the hands of Joshua Thanatos was considered a status symbol even among Captains and Commodores… known for quality, durability, and true aim, as well as an elegance in design.

Many years ago, Thanatos Arms decided to move it's base of operations from Saman to Cameron. Master Thanatos was overseeing the transport of his stock from one island to another when the ship…the Damasol… sank. The few survivors told of a raid of pirates from Manzanil had attacked, and cannon fire hit something it shouldn't…instead of taking the ship, they accidentally sank her, and Master Thanatos with it.

To this day, treasure hunters pass various rumors about…that the infamous Valentin Thanatos, aka Captain Death, was the one who attacked his son's ship. That the ship didn't sink until after the arms were taken. That the ship did sink, but the in shallow enough water to retrieve the cargo. That every attempt to retrieve the the cargo has ended with the salvager's own ship joining the Damasol on the bottom of the sea. Etc, Etc.

Whatever truly happened, the cache is considered to be a major haul if ever discovered, as the tragedy took the life of Master Joshua Thanatos. As there will be no new arms from the man, existing pieces have significant worth. Every few years there's word that the cache was found and suddenly the market is flooded with fake Thanatos arms; woe be it to the forger who is discovered selling such a piece to a Captain.

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