Dinah 'Discordia' Chantris

Captain Discordia


To those familiar with Minos, Captain Dinah Discordia is known as a ruthless pirate hailing from Manzanil. She has five brothers, and among them is Commodore (Corbin) Deadeye Flanagan the Second; eldest of the six children of Deadeye the First and Jessamine. Dinah's own parentage has long been a matter of rumor and gossip—Deadeye apparently having been at sea quite a bit when the girl was conceived. Turns out, if you listen to gossip, that she's the daughter of none other than Prince Caine. Might explain her affinity for daggers.

Dinah has long been the captain of the Golden Apple, a sleek and elegant ship that flies the red flag nearly as often as the black. Those that have crossed her path speak of a spitfire, a blonde beauty with the smile of a hungry shark. Former lovers and crewmates speak of her like a demon, a true daughter of the sea—dangerous and a challenge, harsh and unforgiving, but beautiful all the same.

Rumors of mutiny swirled about the woman in the past year, after she arrived in Amber's Harbor aboard the Widow alongside Captain Anders Peril. Whatever the truth of the matter is, the Golden Apple is now docked in Amber's Harbor, and Dinah has announced herself the liason between the Kingdoms of Minos and that of Amber, along with Admiral of the Fleet.

She is married to Duke Cyrus Chantris, better known in Minos as Captain Stormcrow of The Coda. Oh, and she just so happens to be his Duchess.

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