Drake Chantris

Drake is the son of Captain Gallenus Chantris of the Northern Fleet (MIA presumed lost) and a Minosian Pirate named Grace (Ship lost with all hands), He spent most of his youth in Cameron where he learned the trade of a shipwright. When he came of age he returned with his father to Amber where he took a commission in the Northern Fleet.

Drake is a natural sailor and tactican at Sea. He moved through the ranks quickly, becoming a Naval captain. About 60 years ago he resigned his commision and took up privateering, largely attacking personal enemies of Admiral Gerard. For twenty years he racked up an impressive tally building a small fleet of six ships, the most powerful his flag ship, a ship of the line named The Fist of Oberon. Some forty years ago he set sail in the dead of night and was never seen again…

Until recently. The Fist limped back into port, badly damaged and with a skeleton crew. Drake spoke to the Harbor Master, then set runners to Cyrus Chantris and Prince Gerard before taking himself to the nearest tavern to begin drinking.

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