Foreign Relations

Minos has been allied with Amber since the defeat of Admiral Stormalog and the marriage of Oberon and Rilga. However, that doesn't stop Minosians from the occasional (or frequent) act of piracy.

Many Captains not held by the need for a shadowpath to strike out into the seas of the Golden Circle and beyond have taken the opportunity to raid and pillage where they may, resulting in some complex relationships with other nations.

Alhambra: While Minos and Alhambra have no formal alliance, it should be noted that during the whaling dispute with Rebma the desert kingdom continued, if not increased, its trade with Minos.

Montevalno: Montevalno relies on Minos for much of their shipping to Amber and other Shadows, as they do not have a shadowpath and certain Captains have ways of getting around that fact.

Pathi: Minos has laid siege to Pathi twice in the distant past. Relationships are chilly at best.

Rebma: A tentative accord has been struck with Rebma in light of that shadow's generosity to the Minosians during the evacuations.
Weirmonken: Minos has no formal ties to this forest shadow, likely due to it's horrid lack of a large body of water.

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