Getting a Captain's Name

It should be noted that getting a Captain's Name is not the same as merely becoming a captain of a ship; it is a badge of recognition and respect among Minosans.

One earns the Name by doing something to impress the other Captains, that involves leadership. Some examples are below:

- Pulling your crew through impossible odds. If you manage to bring the ship through as well, even better.

- Discovering something quite extraordinary…like a lost Sea or continent.

- Doing something MYTHIC.

- Showing exemplary cleverness and tactics in an engagement of epic proportions, such as swinging the battle in a war, or pulling other ships and their crews out of the fire.

If the requirements seem a bit vague, that is because there are no rules, simply the opinions of the Captains as to what qualifies.

Bloody Cute Molly once wrote about the Naming of Captains.

Regarding the Captaincy award on Road to Amber, there are two ways of gaining the award.

1) If your character is intended to be an established Minosian Captain coming out of chargen, stating in the background that your character is a captain is sufficient, but in the interests of story, you are asked to establish the story by which your character earned his/her captain's name and communicate both that story and the name of the captain who acclaimed you as one of the captaincy (either PC or NPC) to the propco.

2) If your character is coming out of chargen with a rank less than captain, you can still become a member of the captaincy. In this case, you should gain your captaincy onscreen through RP that leads to your character gaining the respect of one or more PCs who are already members of the captaincy. Once that has been done and you have either given yourself a name acknowledged by other Minosian captains or been given a name by one of the other captains, the story and name should be communicated to the Minosian propco (preferably with links to the log) along with the name(s) of the established captain involved.

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