A Black-Road generated ghost fleet is building. Every shipwreck and every lost vessel from a place with the Road in it is a part of it. There are hints and incursions around the Golden Circle but it will be the Minos fleet that will discover the 'Monster Generator' and, thus, will have a chance to shut it down.

Bring up something horrible from the past of each person involved.

Participants and creepy ideas for them:

Dinah - Her father's ship, Calypso's Revenge (Complete with ghostly dad). The Wild Hart - Ship she served on in youth.

Peril -

John -

Molly - Her mother's ship, The Intransigent.

Malachi - West Wind

Samuel -

Caine - Cartagena

Gerard -

Magwren -

Maereina - The Sea Witch, her mother's ship

Saffron -

Other lost ships:

Mallaganes (Caine)
Indelible Dagger (Caine)
The Fugue (Cyrus)
The Coda (Cyrus)
The Crimson Star (Sunk by Dinah)

Kitezh: The ship name is Hjemkomst—Kitezh for "homecoming." (Actually, it's Norwegian, but don't tell.)

It's the Hjemkomst, one of the ships that sank in the Great War (Kitezh's attempt to invade Amber) but it took down four of Amber's vessels before Oberon himself engaged it.

which Oberon and Gerard put down. The ship was sunk.

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