Captain Flay

Captain, Pirate, son of a Prince. Jhavid is all of these. In the four years since Jhavid took command of the Leviathan he's earned a repuation for being one of the most brutal and cold-blooded captains on the sea. Whether privateering, fighting the Black Road menace or pirating his methods are calculated and vicious. Ask anyone from Minos how he earned the name Captain Flay. Who can say why he hasn't been hanged yet. It could be his mother's influence. She's a prominent, if mostly retired, Salt Queen. It could be that he's the son of Prince Gerard. It could be that he's put his life on the line for Minos a few times and that's earned him a pass. It could be that no one wants to try and go after him. Why not go ask him why his neck hasn't been stretched yet?

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