John Waverider

Captain Redhand

John Waverider is the Captain of the Starchaser, a Minos trading vessel, one of the Sea Kings. The Starchaser first arrived in Amber's Harbor along with the others of the Minos fleet.

Captain Redhand, as John is known, showed up in Minos with the Starchaser some thirty years ago, having acquired her under dubious circumstances. The son of a Sea King himself, his crew follows him without question.

Following the incidents during which Amber's docks were destroyed, the Starchaser left Amber and put out to sea. After being seen at various ports around the Golden Circle, she has only recently returned to Amber and sails under her Captain's banner, a red hand on a black field. Being no longer a direct part of the Minos Fleet, his purposes in Amber are his own affair.

Rumors abound concerning the Captain, and he has been seen everywhere from Amber's seediest dockside taverns to high-society events with a noble lady on his arm. He has ridden into battle with Lyonesse knights against the Black Road, yet is also said to serve the same forces of Chaos he once fought against. At least one noble house in the Golden Circle has declared vendetta against him, while others are said to have pledged him their support.

The Captain has studied combat in many Shadows, but does not treat fighting as a game. He runs cargo within the Golden Circle and makes it known that his ship is available for special charters. If the opportunity is right or a fair lady is involved. While he does not shy away from matters of questionable legality, no one admits to having seen the Captain commit an actual crime.

He is sometimes seen with a capuchin monkey on his shoulder. She is mostly well-mannered and answers to 'Dinah'. John usually dresses her up as a little buccaneer. Dinah is fond of fruit and nuts.

Captain Redhand has recently become Ambassador Redhand, after a long and private discussion with Maereina, his predecessor. He has moved into the Embassy, where Dinah is presently enjoying her new abode as well as a new audience to dote upon her.

NPC Note: John's First Mate is an energetic blonde-haired woman named Robyn. She remains with the ship and runs it directly in John's absence.

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