(Keir is pronounced like the word "care".)


Keir is a miniature eagle-feline gryphon who is Rian's companion animal (using the ANI-AC gift). Towards the bottom of this page is the token description for Keir (copied directly out of Rian's publicly viewable token BLM on the MUSH).

Keir is completely loyal to Rian but also finds others with the Animal Empathy Gift (ANI-EM) intriguing and his innate curiosity makes him react in a positive fashion to those who understand him when he communicates.

Tricks Keir Knows


This is not a comprehensive list.

  • Keir can remove the cork from bottles
  • Keir knows how to open doors and undo latches, but some door designs prevent him from getting leverage
  • Keir knows his right from his left (but if you tell him to do something based on directions and his perspective changes this will usually lead to him getting confused)
    • Other directions (up, down, back) are easier for him than left and right
  • Keir can help Rian in combat
  • Keir can communicate with others of its kind (and anyone with appropriate gifts, typically members of House ChantrisHouse Chantris), this communication is not as sophisticated as human language, but can convey about as much as an ape who knows sign language IRL can.

Facts about Miniature Gryphons

Miniature gryphons are one of many breeds of creatures like the griffin of myth, which was a combination of eagle and lion and was the size of a lion; but these are smaller creatures that combine bird and mammal into one creature. Most of them are predators, like the species Keir is a member of. Many of them are also highly intelligent (for animals) but this is not true of all of them.

The miniature gryphons that Keir a type of are found in a shadow in close proximity to Sukho (as such things are measured metaphysically at least). They are social creatures (like canines)

Token Description

This is a miniature eagle-feline gryphon which does not vary greatly from his cousins in the wild. His wings are a mix of dark browns and grays with lighter browns and cream tones on the undersides which is mirrored on his head, chest and forelimbs. His hindquarters are tawny with white tuffs on the legs and a dark brown tuff at the tip of his lion-like tail. His black-tipped beak bears the distinctive curve of a raptor and his talons and hind claws are unquestioningly those of a predator. He is eighteen inches long from beak to base of tail (which itself is twelve inches long) and stands nine inches at the shoulders (but can sit up on his haunches). His wingspan, fully spread, is five feet.

This is Keir.

Temperament: Keir is a wild animal, but he is not vicious except when cornered and not restrained by Rian. He possesses a natural curiosity that can get him in trouble (it is what lead to his association with Rian). He is outgoing, exhibiting a primitive sense of humor as well as being a bit self-centered, and friendly, showing more patience than one would expect from a wild animal, and he embraces change.

Abilities: Keir is as intelligent as a smart dog, as is typical for his species; this makes it relatively easy to train him tricks and behaviors and due to his personality he is enthusiastic about learning them. He is quite capable of flying with some encumbrance, but not much more than his own weight (twenty-five pounds), and has similar flying abilities to a natural eagle.

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