Captain Bloodwhiskers

Kestrel's new as far as Captains go, but she's made a name for herself as Captain Bloodwhiskers. Her mother was Yessica, a halfbreed with an Alhambran ancestry, and her father is rumored to be many men but never confirmed as any of them. She's known to sail the seas of Minos, Alhambra and anywhere else where the pay's right and the cargo's ripe for the taking. Why buy what you can steal, after all? She is captain of the Midnight Sirocco.

Recently the Captain sailed into Cameron with two more ships behind her. A refit began immediately, and it seems that this Captain has designs to become an Admiral. The two new ships are the Dusk Gale (a caravel formerly named the Bleeding Heart) and the Twilight Mistral (formerly the Rilga's Booty, a Carrack). Who knows where she got them, or how long she can keep them?

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