Captain Kraken

Captain Kraken is a Captain of Minos, but is one of the least respected of them. Kraken's lack of respect might be valid or it may be due to misunderstandings or rumors, people who think about such things aren't certain as they've heard stories that could make any of those options possible.

Until very recently, Kraken was the Captain of the Triton's Legs, a Minosian schooner, on which Rian served. This ended with a mutiny and, occording to the mutineers, the Captain's death and disposal at sea - this could have been grossly exaggerated but if Kraken survived then the Captain is both shipless and missing the Charter and Compass at this time.

Currently Kraken is an NPC created and controlled by Rian. The character is completely open for play however, so if you'd like to make a character that has some comic relief tied to them feel free to discuss it with Rian on the MUSH. Only the (skant) details above are non-negotiable.

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