Maereina is the oldest daughter of the Captain of the Sea Witch, Nadine to her intimates, Captain Twilight to everyone else.

Maereina's father, Loran, and her siblings (Kyle, Niles and Natalie) live in the port of Cameron. Loran was known to be Captain Twilight's port husband and the ship spent a fair amount of time in Cameron when she returned from her travels. Up until five years ago, Maereina was working in a crafter shop that is controlled by her father on behalf of the family in the port of Cameron. It is occasionally leased to crafters who do not have their own workshops in her absence but is still kept for her.

The Sea Witch hasn't been seen since Mae was found in Amber though. Those who have seen the Ghost Fleet since her arrival in Amber may have seen the Sea Witch sailing with it.

She sailed for a time as Second Mate aboard the Starchaser with John Redhand but has since left that post and opened an artisan shop at the north end of Amber Harbor called Midnight Masterpieces.

The shop was well known for its excellent seascapes, portraits (some painted inside shells) and wooden carvings. The shop is known to be patronized by more than one member of Amber's royal family and word is she did storm crafting on the side in the employ of Duke Chantris. Since the destruction of her shop, word has it she still does art and crafting. She takes requests in person and through her secretary, Roger, at the Minosian embassy.

The lovely stormcrafter is captain of the sloop, Midnight Song, and was an official trade representative between Minos and the shadow of Montevalno.

She's been hailed as Captain Midnight with the brigantine, Twilight's Treasure, as her primary vessel.

She is the wife of Prince Caine of Amber which helped to bolster her reputation and got her cursed to the post of Ambassador to Amber which she still holds. Somehow she still manages to visit home on a regular basis.

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