Captain Flame
Fullname: Captain Flame
Age: mid-20's in appearance
AKA: Maggie Elizabeth Lasair
Features: Autumn Reds / Emerald Green
Height: 5'6" (1.65m)
Stormblooded: Yes
Ship(s): The Wave Dancer
Rank: Captain
Occupation: ex-Bounty Hunter, Privateer (Rebma)


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Curriculum Vitae

  • Education: Minosian Primary
  • Career Path: Captain (The Wave Dancer)
  • Skills of Note: Illustration, Painting, Woodcarving
  • Hobbies and Interests:
  • Strengths:
  • Challenges:

Notable Acts

  • Discovered her father to be Prince Brand of Amber.
  • Recovered her ship The Wave Dancer from Minos open waters.
  • Investigated the Red Algae menace in Rebma.
  • Assisted in the ritual sacrifice of Sol to sanctify part of the palace grounds in Rebma.
  • Assisted in recovering The Solar Flare from Minos Undersea.
  • Assisted in the rescue of captive Rebmans from the Dragon Queen's forces in the ghost city of Emor.
  • Assisted in the capture of the traitor Evadyr Ygrayne.
  • Assisted with Gerard's quest in the Shadow Terra Ki.
  • Assisted with various missions in Gerard's campaign to renew Kitezh.
  • Allied with Lord Regent Martin against Prince Corwin.
  • Investigated the cold case of Rebman disappearances during the Deep Menagerie tour.
  • Assisted in the rescue mission to It'rla, the forgotten undersea city of Kelpies.
  • Assisted in the investigation into Minos' storm wall issues.
  • Re-ignited reputation as lawful Captain of Minos, sparking a feud with one-time bounty and captive Captain Merrisol.
  • Assisted in releasing the Minosian Island of Antika from a storm wall.
  • Honoured in Rebma High Court and inducted into the Order of Merit for achievements in Rebma.
  • Assisted in allowing more of the Minosian storm goddess to manifest while relieving the overall strength of the storm walls in Minos.
  • Assisted in discovery and investigation of chaos-tainted organic matter released into the Rebman currents.
  • Participated in an expedition into a Lost City of Rebma (The Dead City).
  • Duelled with Captain Merrisol before several witnessing ships after months of build-up in Minos.
  • Agreed to ceasefire under pressure from Amethyst of Amber, Martin of Rebma, and Miriam of Tir, and contractually married Captain Merrisol.
  • Participated in a daring submarine exploration of sinister occurrences above the Soldieve Deeps.
  • Commanded the Wave Dancer's guiding a Kitezhka clan through Shadow to the reborn Kitezh realm.
  • Assisted in protecting the new settlement Kitezh from a troupe of giant bears.
  • Assisted in the rescue of a captured crew from two storm-crazed pirate ships in Minos.
  • Commanded the protection of the Wave Dancer when a Royal Navy expedition to Shadow encountered elder god The Golden Hunter.
  • Co-directed the preparations for and locating an Alhambran site to which the Golden Hunter was lured and ambushed, participating in battle.
  • Assisted in the final data-gathering expedition into the Minos storms.
  • Assisted in the investigation of an old Alhambran oasis and Ifrit temple revealed by star magic.

Hooks and Story Arcs

  • Hooked with a Heart of Gold

Known Associates

Beyond mere acquaintance, these fine allies have shared her company on numerous occasions and likely will continue to do so.

Name Status Notes Name Status Notes
Merrisol Martin
Amethyst Raphaela
Liyandra Ruby

Notable NPCs

Emits and creative control of these characters generally fall to the Player. Please inquire before using them.

  • The Crew
  • Captain Fidelity (Amelia Lasair, mother)
  • Captain Friendly
  • Lord Lymon Ygrayne

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