Captain Blackheart


One time first mate on the Golden Apple, Storm Queen Maggie Blackheart runs the interceptor Tempest Rose out of Minos. Known to be a bit of a firebrand, she's as bold and brash as she is clever…and she's got a reputation for the latter.

Still, with a barque like the Tempest Rose, her business is in support…either as a fast courier, or an escort…so her charm tends to smooth over most rough spots. Despite this, her quick tongue has gotten her in a spot of trouble over the years, the most recent example being Captain Mathais Redshanks (recently deceased), whose attack of the Rose while docked left two-thirds of her crew dead and the ship badly damaged.


Rumors of the Rose’s ability to act as a stealth ship in the privateering business are as unfounded as the ones suggesting that the repairs after the Redshanks' incident allowed her to modify the ship considerably.

On land, Magwren is known to “live life to its fullest.” An orphan, she has no blood ties to a Salt Queen. And no responsibilities save to her crew and the Commodores. She is, however, fast friends with Discordia, her one time Captain and mentor.

And where some Captains have parrots, some have a monkey…she has a raccoon named Locke.

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