Mina De La Silva

Captain Domino


Mina De La Silva is the daughter of a Minosian Aristocrat, Carlotta De La Silva, and an infamous Pirate Captain known as Domino. Her family name is known within Aristocratic circles and she is recognized by Pirates as Domino's daughter. She has relocated to Amber after the death of her mother. Political interests and rumor of a possible search for a match follows her from her homeland as do tales of her beauty.

Growing up in Minos, Mina lived in the lap of luxury, rumored to be funded by her father. Her mother enjoyed a certain celebrity as Domino's mistress, and told endless tales of his undying love for her. His love extended to his only child and she was taught the ways of the sea and earned the respect of his crew. She sailed with him often and returned to society only upon her mother's death. Some say Domino became a recluse after Carlotta's death, and rumors of his demise ran rampent until his ship The Dark Lady was spotted and tales of new exploits came to light.

Mina has set her sights on Amber, and it is said her father follows. Sightings of his ship The Dark Lady have been reported and rumors of Domino's hand in several tales of prowess. There are those that say Mina has taken over for her father, that she stands as the Captain of The Dark Lady, under the name Captain Domino. Thus far, no one has had the nerve to press the question and see if the rumors are true.

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