Minosian Storms

The Minosian Storm Goddess who refers to herself as Minos has imbued her influence into the storms of the main shadow of Minos. Any storm at any time can be inhabited by the storm goddess herself even though they say she now has a form of her own independent from the storms.

Those with the blood of storms are said to be most susceptible to her influence, often succumbing to lusts that are in their hearts when they are around her. Those born in Minos who don't have the storm blood still find themselves open to her influence a good bit of the time.

Those who aren't from Minos find themselves unaffected by these lusts unless they intentionally let themselves be influenced (which could be an effective way to pretend to be from the blood of Minos when you're not).

The upshot is many people now go out of their way to sail around storms in Minos even if they have sails and orbs to make such storms no problem for their vessel.

These lust affects are not felt in shadows of Minos, only the primary Minos which is connected by shadowpath to Amber.

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