Bloody Cute Molly

Bloody Cute Molly is the daughter of the notoriously vicious, and Begman-hating, Captain Estrella "Temerity" of the Intransigent. She was raised aboard ships, and has served under a number of Captains, the most notable and constant of these being Captain Dinah "Discordia" of the Golden Apple. Molly's career under Discordia began as a favor. After a noted "incident" involving the Intransigent's new Storm Cannon, obsessive curiosity, a few found tools, and an eventual flogging, Molly was assigned as Assistant Gunner on The Golden Apple to, as her mother put it, "Get the child under an iron fist, an' them bloody things out her system so's she c'n start workin' t'wards her cap'n's rank." This still hasn't managed to occur.

Having recently retired from her position of Chief Gunnery Officer in a decidedly uncomfortable exchange with her Captain, she now spends most of her time landbound. She's fully thrown herself into her new position at the Chantris Shipyards, but can also often be found working at "Glanworth's", the Begman artificer's shop run by her husband.

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