Murdoc Feldane

Amongst those of Minos, Murdoc Feldane is a wild noble who has thrown care to the wind and lowered himself from noble to pirate, or so some say. Beyond being one of those freaky Feldanes, Murdoc has been known to use an alias, to keep himself from being ransomed back to his family. Not that they would pay for a wayward son turned pirate.

Rumored to have been made to walk the plank near the mainland, Murdoc's death was greatly exaggerated. Spotted weeks later pulling up into port by himself an a ship thought to be lost near a century ago called The Seraph. Despite its age, it was a near legendary ship, sailed by many a great captain. Those who know a bit more about Feldanes whisper that he had dark dealings with the dead that walk the main land and tricked or stole the ship from them…

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