Anders Peril

Quite Simply, Captain Peril

Captain Anders Peril is known for being erratic, brilliant (though some call him more lucky than anything else), more than a bit cocky, and rather remarkably good at his work. Part pirate, part merchant, part smuggler, part adventurer, he is known for facing the world with an utter lack of regard for personal danger - at least aboard ship - and has, in his thirty-year career, been in more scrapes, odd situations, and explosive moments than most care to count.. and has by no means won them all.

The Widow is widely considered to be a cursed ship - beautiful and sleek, she's old by Minosian standards… and has killed the last three captains to own her, each unmarried, each dying aboard. Anders publicity scoffs at the whispers of a curse, saying simply, "A Captain would be pleased to die at sea - and I do not believe in curses. Mastering a ship means coming to know her, and if I die on her decks it will be a privilege."

Grandson of the Commodore of Cameron, he seems hell-bent on not following in that illustrious Captain's footsteps; but, he is young yet, barely in his nineties and with a long career ahead.

Peril arrived in Amber as co-Admiral of the Minos Fleet, but he has since returned to the more free life of the Shadow seas.

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