Plot Hooks

The Storms

Minos has long born the blood of storms but now the storms of Minos are storms of lust. Not every storm in Minos produces lust in the people of Minos but no one knows ahead of time what storm will and any storm can so people are rightfully wary of sailing through Minosian storms.

The Golden Hart

When the famous Minosian storm king, Stormalog, brought war to Amber, his fleet pushed as deep as Amber's harbor. It was here that Oberon defeated him and took Stormalog's wife, Rilga, as his own. Stormalog's ship, the Golden Hart, was never scuttled, however, and according the legend, the Hart still sails the seven seas and beyond. Many a young and bold Captain has gone chasing after the Hart, hoping to secure this mythical part of Minosian history.

The Seven Seas of Minos

Minosian folklore holds that there are seven great seas in creation, though only four are currently known and identified. Who knows what wisdom and enlightenment would become available for those legendary explorers who were to find all seven seas!

The Mainland

Minos' mainland is an inhospitable, hilly country ravaged by spectres and the walking dead. The only settlement of note is Whitehold, a Feldane holding.

Thar she blows!

The whalers of Minos are currently being balked by a territorial dispute with Rebma. This is an opportunity for political play in Minos, as some sort of diplomatic solution must be reached to end Rebma's interdiction of prized whaling waters. An alternative to diplomacy is, of course, war, but no navy wishes to war against Rebma. Intrepid smugglers still ply their way through interdicted waters. Rebma and Minos have come to a truce of sorts: Rebma not claiming actual ownership of the waters while Minos has agreed not to whale in them. Rumours abound as to why this truce was struck, and many of them point at pressure from the Crown of Amber under Corwin.

The Ghost Fleet

Many a captain has spoken of this: A Fleet of Spectres and shipwrecks, fully capable of doing damage but hardly able to receive any of its own. It strikes without mercy or warning, only a thick fog on the ocean heralding its appearance. Some of the Minos Fleet and Kitezhka, including King Viktor himself, did battle against the Ghost Fleet and were forced to retreat.

The Minosian Fleet

Called together by the Five Commodores, the Minosian Fleet contains some of the best and most recognized Captains of Minos in its ranks. A rare thing, these Captains have come together under one flag to battle the Black Road. Though many of the individual captains from the fleet still fight the Black Road, the Commodores have officially disbanded the fleet and sent the captains back to their normal lives.

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