Distributed Power

Unlike most of the other nations of the Golden Circle, Minos does not have a single head of state. Instead, Minos is ruled by a consortium of The Commodores, the rulers of each of the five great port cities. In addition, Minosian tradition holds that each captain is King of his own ship, or fleet. As a result, authority in Minos is quite distributed and the nation rarely makes decisions as a whole. Only in times of war, or when a single leader (as in the case of Admiral Stormalog) temporarily emerges does Minos act with one mind.

Influence vs. Authority

In truth, while the Captains and the Commodores wield all the authority in Minos, real influence often belongs to powerful guild masters and merchants. Current consensus holds that the most influential figure in Minosian politics is Adelheyd Swyft, who heads the Malbides Consortium - the largest pact of shipbuilders in Minos.

Domestic vs. Foreign policy

For all that the guild masters and merchants exert significant political influence, when it comes to diplomacy and war it is the Captains and Commodores who make and execute policy. The Captains, after all, are the face that Minos turns to Amber and the other nations of the Circle. In this way, a delicate balance is maintained between fleet and hearth.

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