** Propco Note: Remi called himself Captain Tempest, but that name was previously accepted as the Captain's name of another PC so even though the matter was not initially caught, it was always ICly in dispute (though the propco acknowledges that with the original Captain Tempest inactive most people ignored the matter before he was removed from the Minosian captaincy). By overwhelming majority vote, the Captaincy of Minos has officially kicked him out making the matter moot.**

We are the true kings and queens of the sea, And someday soon the other shadows shall remember the true might of Minos and her sons and daughters. They will know tha' we are a free shadow, And tha' the seas, They belong to us ~Remi



Remi is one of Caine's middle children, Born from a night of passions during one of the princes trips to Minos after a run in with a Storm Queen. At 323 years old he has seen much on the seas of Minos from the Ghost Fleets to the dreadful creatures that haunt the mainland. The man having been named Tempest for his at times mercurial temperament much like the storm he is named for.

While some of the family might enjoy the life within the palace walls Remi never much knew it having grown up in Minos so most of his time is spent on the seas either searching for plunder of vessels that he crosses paths with or exploring the shadow paths. The captain and his crew often disappearing onto little traveled Shadow Paths in the hopes of finding the lost seas of Minos.

Recently Remi has returned from an extended trip out into Shadow, The man having journeyed deep into the unexplored reaches of the deeper shadow paths in the hopes of charting them and to find himself or maybe just loose himself for a time.. The man that returned not the same that had left into the shadows.


The Storm Reaper

The Storm Reaper is Remi's ship, or at least one of the ships that he often uses during his explorations of the shadows and piracy on the high seas. The ship itself a thing of true Minosian craftsmanship and outfitted with several of the famed storm crafted items the Minosians have become famous for.

Minos and Storm Crafting

Remi is from Minos and though it has been some time since he was seen in her seas it would seem the captain and his men have once returned to their home. It is no secret in Minos that Remi is a skilled craftsman specializing in stormcrafting while dabbling in a few areas as well. Rumor even has it the man is trying to create another Pirate outpost and City…

Shadow Exploration

Remi has been a member of the Royal Pathfinders, choosing to take to the shadow paths and explore them for Amber while mainly doing the mapping and the exploration for his own knowledge and need for adventure and life outside the walls of the palace.

Lost Souls Outpost
The Storm Goddess Returns..

Many have heard of the terrible storms that have been haunting Minos and its islands, From the storm walls to the sudden squalls moving in on ships quickly. Much of this has been attributed to a storm goddess, Remi's ship was seen at one of the latest incidents and is now on a quest to make the storm goddess whole again as part of a bargain of some sort. The man's own crew whispering of how he whispers to the storms now more than ever before.

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