"The Starchaser is a bit small for a brigantine, but still built for speed. Nearly 100 feet long and a quarter of that abeam, her lines are simple and clean. Two masts and a bowsprit, rigged with high, square sails. A large, lanteen sail is rigged off the stern mast to a boom, and several triangular sails are rigged between the fore mast and the bowsprit. There's neither fore nor stern castles, although the deck does raise astern for the officers' cabins. Between the masts is a double line of ballistae, mounted back to back to fire off of either side. On the foredeck is a large, brass cannon, mounted to swivel through a full 270 degree arc."

Captain Redhand took command of the Starchaser some 30 years ago, under questionable circumstances. With his command came a petite blonde woman as his first mate who goes only by Robyn. While Robyn is quite capable of running the ship herself (and the Captain often allows her run of the ship), no one doubts Redhand's authority. The Starchaser's crew is seasoned and capable, both as sailors as well as combatants.

The ship is renowned for her speed as well as for being quite well-armed.

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