Storm Kings and Salt Queens

Ancient Minoaian tradition holds that the men of Minos captain ships and fleets, while the women remain home to manage domestic affairs and politics. It is worth noting that this tradition is, indeed, ancient and that in more recent times has eroded quite significantly. Today, one may find several notable women captaining their own ships, and at least as many male crafters and crofters back on the islands. Still, the ancient wording remains, and formal language recognizes captains as Storm Kings and important land owners and guild craftswomen as Salt Queens, though Storm Queens and Salt Kings are beginning to enter the public vernacular.

The Commodores of Minos

The Commodores are as close a thing to a real government that Minos has. Five retired sea captains, they each run one of the five great ports of Minos. In those rare times that a single leader emerges in Minos, it is because one Admiral (such as Stormalog) has convinced both the Storm Kings and the five commodores to support him for a time.

What's in a name?

Every Captain of Minos is known by a moniker of some sort, a nom de guerre that serves as both badge of recognition and official title. The names are often fanciful, though often with a practical eye towards impressing would-be assailants or victims. As to how a Captain comes by a name, the methods are as varied as the Captains who hold them. Some choose their own names, some gain them by reputation and some earn them by infamy. Regardless, a Captain without a moniker is no Captain at all. And woe to the sailor who gives himself such a moniker before his peers deem him ready. Some examples of current Captains are:

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